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Patchouli & Tea Tree probiotic Deodorant
Patchouli & Tea Tree probiotic Deodorant

Patchouli & Tea Tree Prebiotic & Hemp Seed Oil Deodorant

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Patchouli + Tea Tree Deodorant

55g & 85g sizes available.

Handcrafted deodorant using high quality ingredients, free from toxins and aluminium.

Our recipe has been carefully crafted to make a deodorant that is moisturising, smells great and most importantly, it works!! It allows your skin to breath naturally, it will not block your sweat glands, allowing your body to release toxins as nature intended.

Our deodorants contain no aluminium, parabens or carcinogens. They are vegan and cruelty free. 

They come packaged in a biodegradable cardboard push-up tube. 

To apply gently push up the base of the tube to start using, apply a light swipe in your armpits. Best applied in the morning after a shower. Works really well if applied every day. It will lasts up to 12 hours but if you're exercising or going through the 'detox' phase you may need to use more often.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jessica White
Best deodorant Ever!!!!!!!!

Please dont ever change any of your ingredients, stay pure!!!

Your products are amazing thank you!!!!!

Patchouli & Tea Tree Prebiotic & Hemp Seed Oil Deodorant

Gentle fragrance, glides on easily. Love the environmental friendly packaging.

Sue Franks

Awesome product- love love love it!

Donna Helleur
Love love love!

I actually love this under arm balm! The fragrance is devine and the deodorant actually does what it claims, all in a natural easy to use and great for travelling stick using recyclable packaging and no wastage woohoo! I'll be buying more for sure!

Works really well!

I was surprised that a natural deodorant like this would actually stop body odour, it must be a perfect combination of ingredients. The first one I got lasted me almost a whole year and I just bought another one. I just use a tiny amount on my fingertips and rub it in. And it's great that it's vegan too :)

Melissa Powell

Fantastic deodorant. Great fragrance, applies smoothly, and really effective.

Chris O'Loughlin

Love your customer service, the way you package your products and the prompt delivery. All but one of the products I'm giving as gifts. One of the deodorants was for my husband who was willing to make the change from supermarket product to a more natural product.

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