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Clary Sage & Orange Shampoo Bar - For Oily Hair

Clary Sage & Orange Shampoo Bar - For Oily Hair

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90 grams approx

This solid shampoo bar is loaded with beneficial goodies that your hair will love. It is specially formulated for oily hair. We have added Bentonite Clay, which has nutrients that helps to absorb excess oil from the scalp.

The Provitamin B5 promote healthy, shiny hair, while the cocoa butter works hard to keep moisture in your hair. You’ll get an incredible lather from our Shampoo Bars too.

This shampoo:

*is the correct pH for hair (unlike shampoo soap);
*is concentrated - so a little goes a long way;
*is gentle enough for processed hair;
*is vegan;
*is palm-free;

These Earth Bars are super convenient for travelling, camping, or carrying in gym bags and are earth-friendly. Plus think of how much less plastic you’ll use each year if you use these at home! Our Shampoo Bars are made in small batches to ensure the integrity and quality of the product.

Please note: The Mini 1/4 Bar comes wrapped in tissue paper while the Full size bar comes in a box.


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Robyn Wilkinson
Shampoo bar

Great product, love the fact that there is no plastic waste, and as long as you keep these bars dry, they last for quite a while

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