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Rosemary & Hemp Shampoo Bar - For Dandruff

Rosemary & Hemp Seed Oil (+ Peppermint) Shampoo Bar - For Dandruff

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90 grams approx

This solid shampoo bar is loaded with beneficial goodies that your hair will love. Its easy to use and has a great Lather!!

The main active ingredient is Neem oil which has antibacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-inflammatory properties that work together in order to get rid of dandruff. It has also been known to promote hair growth, reduce hair loss and give you shiny + healthy hair.

This shampoo:

*is the correct pH for hair (unlike shampoo soap);

*is concentrated - so a little goes a long way;

*is gentle enough for processed hair;

*is vegan;

*is palm-free;

These Earth Bars are super convenient for traveling, camping, or carrying in gym bags and are earth-friendly. Plus think of how much less plastic you’ll use each year if you use these at home!

Our Shampoo Bars are made in small batches to ensure the integrity and quality of product.

Please note: The Mini 1/4 Bar comes wrapped in tissue paper while the Full size bar comes in a box.


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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Smells great

Provides a nice lather, smells fresh and cleans our hair well without it feeling dry or oily. Would definitely buy again.

Freya McCall
Best shampoo bars

I have tried a lot of shampoo and conditioner bars. Most are not great, but these ones are! I have dry, curly hair and I have the rosemary and hemp shampoo and the rose geranium conditioner. They last a long time and are very reasonably priced.

Christine Ashford
Awesome Product

My hair is so soft, my scalp is no longer itchy. I love both of these bars. Smells lovely too and is easier to use than I thought it would be. I will definitely be a repeat customer

bre purdom

I was sceptical to try this but wanted to because it is better for the environment. I have had dandruff for many years and never had any success with anything. I was amazed after a few weeks my dandruff was completely gone. You only need a small amount so the bar lasts for months. I highly recommend this for everyone.

Roxanne Thornicroft
So nice!

This shampoo bar smells so lovely. And my hair/scalp is loving it. Thank you so much for making a product that agrees with me :)

Andrea Hawtin

Smells very very pepperminty which I wasn't expecting. The bar keeps together well and washed my hair thoroughly and hasn't given me dandruff so I am very happy.

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